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Performance developed in collaboration with Marco Donnarumma during CTM Hacklab 2015.

MATERIALS & MEDIA: Xsense sensor, custom software, sound, wearable with vibration actuators, 1 pregnant performer, 1 participant, 1 sound artist

YEAR: 2015

concept text

Untitled (Unborn)

During the performance my body or rather the baby inside me acts as an instrument.

A hyper sensitive microphone (the Xth sense by Marco Donnarumma) is attached to my belly. It picks up the sounds of my baby inside me, its movements and its heartbeat. This triggers responses in a custom-made wearable from vibration actuators. The wearable is attached to the belly of a member from the audience. The sounds from the baby are further used for a specific soundscape accompanying the performance.


Artists: Marco Donnarumma, Theresa Schubert

Audience participant: Dan Wilcox (thanks)

CTM Hacklab hosts: Leslie Garcia, Peter Kirn