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YEAR: 2017

Researchers analyse the human brain to learn how intelligence can be programed. But what can we learn from organic substances and bio intelligence? Slime Mold is a growing organism with a spatial intelligence. In a DIY biolab the intersections between art, biology and technology has been investigated. Visitors interacted - digitally and analogue - with growing organisms from mycomyxetae to fungi.

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As part of 2017, Retune presented the work of 10 Berlin based artists in a Digital Arts Lab. Highlighting art as an ongoing process and as a result of a human-technological collaboration: In a constant dialogue between trial and error, revision, improvisation, rejection and remaking.

The Lab consisted of a process-exhibition, workshop sessions and talks. It offered a peek into the creative process and its approaches.


exhibitions // 28 Nov 2017


artist: Theresa Schubert

assistance: Tea Dezman

curated by Retune Berlin (Jasmin Grimm, Julian Adenauer)