images + videos


MEDIA: digital animation, HD video; drawings on paper
YEAR: 2016

concept text

These works are related to the installation Growing Geometries - tattooing mushrooms.

The digital animation is based on tracings of the tattooed forms over time.

This artistic project investigates the morphology of fungi and evolution of geometrical shapes on living and growing membranes and ultimately how images can be generated by natural processes.

"In her experimental setups, Theresa Schubert condenses simple organisms to highly complex philosophical questions. Together with the treatment of mushrooms with tattoo needles, their natural growth creates a closer proximity to that of mankind than to that of flora. Via a minimal intervention Schubert succeeds to translate natural phenomena into already underlying creative processes and to transfer them into an investigation of about growth processes of our society."

(Kerstin Godschalk, curator HB55 Kunstfabrik Berlin)


Update_6, Zebrastraat, Gent, 2016


Artist: Theresa Schubert