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MATERIALS + MEDIA: algorithm, camera, computer, glass, humans, ink, magnets, paper, pendulum, printer, steel, table, tubes
YEAR: 2013

Konzeptgenerator 3.0 is a text generating machine built for a special purpose: to create concepts for art grants and competitions. It combines random elements of physical, kinetic and digital origin and is presented as a installation and a performance.

concept text

We all know that feeling: again another deadline that is approaching! As an artist you are constantly urged to develop new ideas and concepts resulting in sleepless nights and uncountable pimples.

Not enough time for too much work that is underpaid anyway. The personnel costs: subterranean.

Time for concept development is never compensated. One application is followed by the next. Five minutes before deadline at the post office, if an online submission is not possible. Constantly there is the temptation to recycle old concepts. Here a new title, there a new paragraph, or a new quote, quickly adapting the timetable (ideally by simply exchanging the year date) and the financial calculation – and voila! Cope with the entry regulations and context – knowing that the jury will probably realize it. Was there already a similar project before? Google for all one‘s worth (e.g. The Smile of Leonardo da Vinci by Adib Fricke from 1999, a random generator that creates sentences on fine art).But not to make a fool of one self‘s, not to do a Guttenberg, avoid copy-and-paste!

qujOchÖ has thought about it and built an Idea-Shitting-Machine. Or more elegantly put: a concept generator.

For this purpose numerous project applications of the last years by art and culture initiatives as well as individual artists were collected. These were fragmented into single, put into a digital machine and processed by a physical machine.

Via a difficult and complex mechanism new concepts were created by the machine.But intellectual property has to be honored in the Make-It-Fake-It-Share-It-Era. For each generated concept money was distributed to the original artists or initiatives, depending on the percentage of the part that is included in the generated concept.


four human operators and machines

#01 choose keywords

#02 measure the ink colours based on the keyword chart

#03 pour ink into funnels

#04 release magnetic pendulum

#05 press glass onto paper with ink

#06 remove

[camera scans, calculates colour distribution and percentage]

#07 enter results into software

#08 hang paper sheet to dry

[printer prints concept]

#09 read concept

#10 submit concept


quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz

Wed, September 4th 2013, 19:00 performance


Idea/Realization: Jakob Dietrich, Thomas Philipp, Theresa Schubert (alle qujOchÖ)

Programming: Cécile Bucher

Concepts supplied by:

Aktionsgemeinschaft Social Impact, backlab, Clemens Kogler, columbosnext, FIFTITU%, KAPU, Martin Music, Musentempel, nomadenetappe, Pangea, Reinhard Gupfinger, Stephan Blumenschein

supported by LinzImpuls, Kulturförderung der Stadt Linz

Studio photos: Maximilian Anelli-Monti

Performance photos: Florian Voggeneder