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YEAR: 2016

An exhibition alongside the interdisciplinary conference Inoculum - Connecting the Other curated by Theresa Schubert. Each speaker was invited to bring along an object that is important for his/her research and relevant to the talk. Thus there was a concrete and tangible manifestation of the spoken presentations and performances in the space that remained to be seen for the duration of the event. The chosen objects ranged from a custom-built growth chamber for Physarum, to drawings, photographs or artificial flesh. Additionally documentation of artistic experiments from the PhyChip-project were on display.

concept text

Inoculum – Connecting the Other
Lectures | performances | exhibition

In the age of the anthropocene, our understanding of media and materials is in flux. Not only natural sciences are investigating living materials. Biotechnical methods are spreading into DIY-culture as well as into the field of bio hacking. Simultaneously in the humanities, the idea of the ‚post-human‘ has become a central topic. Artists are engaged in these discussions and are examining the relationship between humans and other life forms. 

Work list: exhibition & expanded talks

Dani Ploeger
Hi-tech Wound
Duratrans print, light box 

Agi Haines
Artificial flesh
Electrostabilis Cardium from CIRCUMVENTIVE ORGANS 

Theresa Schubert
Connecting the Other
Physarum polycephalum and bacterial prints of my dog, my baby & myself 

Theresa Schubert / Klaus Fritze
Inoculum mindmap
with contributions by Michael Dirnberger, Andrew Adamatzky, Jeff Jones, Richard Mayne, Alice Dimonte, Tatiana Berzina, Victor Erokhin 

Interspecifics collective (MX)
Non-Human Rhythms featuring Physarum
Performance setup

Hans-Günther Döbereiner
Dynamics of Starvation
HD video 

Michael Dirnberger
Real and algorithmic network of Physarum polycephalum
photo prints

Laura Benítez Valero
imágenes árboles evolutivos by Ernesto Casero
mind maps
Gynepunk, 3D-printed object 

Martin Grube
Growth chamber for Physarum polycephalum 

10 Suzanne Anker
Vanitas in a Petri Dish (01)
object, 2013 

11 Maja Smrekar
Objects from the »k9_topology: Hybrid Family« work series 

12 Theresa Schubert
Photographic documentation of growing by colour, oscillation experiment with Physarum polycephalum and growing geometries with Fuligo septico 

13 Ursula Damm
Interspecies Habitat
Installation with drawings and a living Amöba proteus culture 

14 Klaus Fritze
Global Network
 Courtesy by Heidrun-Quinque Wessels, Berlin


Curator & Project Manager: Theresa Schubert

Supervision: Prof. Ursula Damm

Curatorial Assistant: Sophia Gräfe

Artistic Consulation & Technical Production: Dr. Klaus Fritze

Inoculum is an event by the Bauhaus-University Weimar, funded by the European Commission in the FP7 programme »Future and Emerging Technologies« scheme: Project »Physarum Chip – Growing Computers from Slime Mould«.

With friendly support by CLB Berlin.