Theresa Schubert is a post-media artist, researcher and curator at the intersection of art, science and its social impact. She studied Media Art & Design at the Bauhaus-University Weimar and Fine Art at the University of Newcastle. She investigates the role of creativity and collaboration from a post-human perspective. Her work combines audiovisual and hybrid media to conceptual and immersive installations or site-specific interventions whereas she treats nature's phenomena not only as inspiration but as a material and critical process.

By means of interdisciplinary methods, such as the re-enactment of scientific experiments, biohacking, theoretical analysis and collaborative practices, her works deal with themes of self-organization, interspecies communication and morphology of forms. The starting point for her experiments are simple organisms that arranged in setups have the opportunity to grow and develop - sometimes in interaction with visitors.

Theresa Schubert's work has been exhibited internationally. Venues include: Ars Electronica, Linz, Art Laboratory Berlin, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, ARGE Kultur Salzburg, Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Electro Fringe Festival Australia, Istanbul Biennial, European Media Art Festival and KIBLA Maribor. Recently, the journals “Antennae”, "Wired" and "Art in Berlin" have reported on her work. In 2015 she co-published the book “Experiencing the Unconventional. Science in Art”. In 2016 she curated the interdisciplinary event “Inoculum – Connecting the Other” bringing together artists and scientists to discuss and exhibit novel research about media and materiality. Theresa Schubert is a member of the artist gallery project pilote. She lives and works in Berlin.  


solo exhibitions

2015 Growing Geometries. Evolving Forms, ArtLaboratory Berlin (DE)
2012 bio:logic, bio:sophic specualtions, ARGE Kultur Salzburg (AT)
2008 sonic spheres, Newcastle Region Art Gallery (AU)
2007 maps, minds and places, Maitland Region Art Gallery (AU)

group shows (year, title of show, location)

2016    Berlinworksentoverbysuitcasekunstpräsentation, NTH. Gallery, Melbourne (AU)

2016    UPDATE_6, NTAA award exhibition, Zebrastraat, Ghent (BE)
pilote : pilote, SEZ Berlin (DE)
Retune Festival, Glogau Air, Berlin (DE)           
Translocation, Musrara Mix Fest, Jerusalem (IL)                  
REFRESH, conference by labiotech, Berlin (DE)
Inoculum, CLB im Aufbauhaus, Berlin (DE)

2015 Bauhaus Bio Werkstatt, Cynetart Festival, Dresden (DE)
LebensMittelpunkt Kunst, HB55 Kulturfabrik Berlin (DE)

2014 Prix Cube, Espace Saint-Sauveur, Paris (FR)
one-night-stand, KW Kunstwerke, Institute for contemporary art, Berlin (DE)
Ausgewählt, Generalintendanz des MDR Leipzig (DE)
Not invented by Nature, Bioquant Heidelberg (DE)
Creativity is a vast construct (PhD), Rundgang, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (DE)

2013-14 Genesis, Ars Electronica Center Linz (AT)

2013 When worlds collide, KIBLIX, platform art – science – technology, Maribor (SL)    
Total Recall, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz (AT)
Phychip-project, Rundgang, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (DE)

2012 Basics Festival, Salzburg (AT)
Klangmanifeste, Mz Balthasar Lab Wien (AT)            
observatory for bioluminsence and network research, Quitch, Linz (AT)

2011 Origin, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz (AT)

2010 Modellversuch, Milchhof Pavillon, Berlin (DE)

2008 Feedbackschleifen, Gallery 33, Berlin (DE)

2007 Nightcomers, Istanbul Art Biennial, Istanbul (TK)
The sliced Eye, Newcastle Art Space (AU)
bsg Brunswickstreet Gallery, Melbourne (AU)
Völklingen, Unesco World Heritage (DE)

2006 field contemporary art space, Newcastle (AU)
Diploma exhibition, Herbarium Haussknecht, Weimar (DE)

2005 Pink, Art Museum of the National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo (JP)
kopfüber, Glaskasten Limona, Weimar (DE)
Festival audiovisual zemos, Seville (ES)

2004 Screening space, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück (DE)  
Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle (AU) 
Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart (DE)

2003 Light.Shadow, Haus am Horn, Weimar (DE) 
exGround Filmfest, Wiesbaden (DE)


2015 CTM Hacklab Tuning Machines, collaborative work with Marco Donnarumma, presentation during Club Transmediale at HAU2 Berlin
2013 Konzeptgenerator 3.0 // a project by qujochÖ with Jakob Dietrich and Thomas Philipp
2009 Dwell in the City, a selected project for Laneways By George!, The Sydney Festival (AU) //  in collaboration with Kim Bridgeland, Aline Joyce, Adrian Hill
2008 Nesting, a selected project of Back to the City, Newcastle (AU) in collaboration with Grit Kaeding, Shaun King, Megan Lewis

prizes + grants

2016 Nomination fort he NTAA – New Technological Art Award by Zebtrastraat, Ghent (BE)
2015 Nomination for the GASAG Kunstpreis by Berlinische Galerie
2013  Kulturförderung Magistrat Linz
2013 Studiolab Incubation Grant, Network between Science Gallery Dublin, Ars Electronica Linz, Medialab Prado Madrid
2013 Kreativfonds Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
2012 Frauenförderfonds Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
2011 Frauenförderfonds Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
2010 HORIZON Künstlerprogramm Linz
2008 NAVA marketing grant (National Association of the Visual Arts Australia)
2007 NAVA & Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council, production fund
2007 IFA – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
2006 DAAD-Auslandsreiseförderung
2005 Mitteldeutscher Rundfunkpreis
2005 Bauhaus- Universitäts-preis, Nominierung für den Preis der Medienfakultät
2003 TLM- Hörfunkpreis


Events Curated:

Inoculum - Connecting the Other - a international conference with performances and exhibition about new biomaterials in art and science. Held at CLB Aufbauhaus Berlin, 2016.

The Sliced Eye - an exhibition of post-surrealistic art. Group show of 10 artists (photography, video, painting, installation, performance)
at Newcastle Art Space, Australia, 2007

Pixelporno 3.0 - an exhibition of computer games and the changed role of the nude body since 1980 and the technologies involved.
curated with qujochÖ at Pfarrgasse9 Linz (AT), 2013

Work produced for/commissions:

ABC Radio National
Ars Electronica Festival 2013 
Ars Electronica Festival 2011
Art & About Festival Sydney 2009
Basics Festival Salzburg 2012
BR2 Radio, Hörspiel und Medienkunst
Klangmanifeste Wien 2012
Maitland Region Art Gallery
Newcastle Art Gallery
Radio FRO

Work featured in public media/press reviews/TV:

3 Sat / ORF Austrian Broadcast Service (12./13.09.2012)
ANTENNAE, issue 32, 2015
Art in Berlin (Kunst in Berlin) 2014/2015, Der Tagesspiegel, pg. 122-129
Herald Weekender (18.02.2009/)
Landscape, Architecture Australia no118 (May 2008)
Monumentmagazine 9 (2009)
National Geographics Channel (2013)
The Newcastle Herald (24.03.2008)
The Creeping Garden, independant documentary (tba), The Observation Deck (08.10.2012)
Wired Print Magazin (II 2013)