lectures + talks


Matter as Constitutive Matter—Making Art  with the Living

Invited speaker for the "Questioning Aesthetics Symposium: Art Research & Aesthetics" at La V...
Talk by Theresa Schubert, Photo: Laura Benitez

The Pacific Wall. Artistic strategies between Bauhaus and Silicon Valley

I will be giving a talk and presentation of my artistic practise within an...

artist talk @ Retune Festival

At this year's Retune Festival I will be talking about the networks of slime moulds and how to make DIY interfaces...

creativity and collaboration with the non-human

talk at the First PhysNet conference in New York 

slime mould as an artistic medium

artist talk at Cynetart Festival Dresden about collaboration with the non-human

book presentation

of »Experiencing the Unconventional« at Ars Electronica Festival 2015

SciArt Café

artist talk at Betahaus Berlin

»Experiencing the Unconventional. Science in Art«

book launch at Spektrum Berlin

On the creativity of primitive organisms

talk at Piksel 2014, be\O/art

»Art & Science Dialog«

talk at the Art Laboratory Berlin as part of Transmediale Vorspiel


My slimy collaborator - making art with Physarum polycephalum

talk at the 4th Beyond Humanism Conference Rome, 11-14 September 2013

»thin voices occupying space«

Female sound practices since the 1990s, presentation at Sound:Gender:Feminism:Activism, University of the Arts London

»Responsive Art«

invited speaker for Rewire, 4. Int. Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology in Liverpool

»physarum polycephalum as an artistic material«

presentation at Ars Electronica Festival Linz (AT)

»Current Strategies of the Ars Electronica Archive«

speaker at the Symposium Medialibraries and Archives for the 21st Century at LABoral (ES) on May...


books edited

2015 Experiencing the Unconventional. Science in Art, co-editor of the book, World Scientific, April 2015: order here

contributions to books and magazines

2014    »slime mould microfluidical gates«, in Materials Today Vol.17, Issue 2, Pages 86-91. Read our article as open access
2013    »Chroma+Phy«, in: N.F. Lepora et al. (eds.): Living Machines 2013, LNAI 8064, Springer, Heidelberg (2013)
2012    Contribution to: »Bioevaluation Of World Transport Networks«, ed. by Andrew Adamatzky, World Scientific, Oct 2012
2011    »Remembrance Machine: The Ars Electronica Archive«, in: Ars Electronica 2011: Origin, pp. 316-319, ed. by H. Leopoldseder, G. Stocker, C. Schöpf
2011    »Nature, Decentralization and Complexity«, in: Ars Electronica 2011: Origin, pp. 394-395, ed. by H. Leopoldseder, G. Stocker, C. Schöpf
2010    »Sonification, artistic practise and scientific method«, co-author with Florian Grond, in: Audiovisualogy (Vol.1), D. Daniels/S. Naumann (ed.),
     online on: See This Sound.

radio features

2009 »Hören nach Zahlen« Sonifikation, Forschung zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst :: Autor & Regie, Feature für BR2 Radio, Red. Hörspiel und Medienkunst, Ursendung 9. Jan 09.

research areas

2013-16 Collaborative EU-project "Physarum Chip - growing computers from slime mould":

Artistic researcher for the Unconventional Computing-Project PhyChip within the ICT-framework, sub-programme Future and Emerging Technologies.
I focus on experiments with Physarum polycephalum and the development of tangible interfaces and environments, including the translation of information and hidden processes of the organism into audiovisual media and immersive artworks. 

Intra-aktionen Biomedialer Kunst, PhD-research at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Faculty of Art & Design:

Supervisors: Prof. Ursula Damm (homepage), Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Schierz

In my PhD-project I investigate topics of artistic autonomy and creativity from a post-human perspective. One hypothesis is that by transferring parts of the artist’s autonomy to processes, algorithms or organisms, these entities become collaborators and enable the opportunity for innovation. This roots in ideas of the 20th century avant-garde art movements where the role of chance and randomness have been important elements in the creation of works. Later these topics of openness vs. control have been implemented in many algorithmic works of media art. Yet, this thesis is challenging the somewhat techno-naïve understanding that machine programs become authors. Instead it shows through discussing contemporary ‘bioart’-projects that these are implemented in art projects based on living organisms or physical processes. The thesis contextualizes contemporary art and science practices with art historical references and recent theories of Actor-Network Theory and Agential Realism.


2017 The forestal Psyche - a commissioned workshop for the Nonhuman Agents Programm of ArtLaboratory Berlin
2014 Networking with Slime Mould - a commissioned workshop for ResearchGate in Berlin // Aug 2014
2012 Bio-Art Hacking - a workshop introducing the acellular organism physarum polycephalum as a creative medium and how to replace biolab equipment through kitchen ware | ARGE Kultur Salzburg, invited by subnet.at // March 10 2012
2010 Sound Production with Audacity - audio workshop at the Museumsquartier, Wien (AT) | Mz Baltasar's Laboratory // Dec 2010
2007 Seeking Sound - radio site-specific workshop and recording techniques | Electrofringe/This is Not Art - Festival Newcastle (AU) // Oct 2007 
2007 Getaway Home - series of workshops about travelling, via the medium of drawing and animation with 12 school classes (about 300 kids, 8-12 years old) | Maitland Regional Art Gallery
2006 Queer Youth Audio Project - audio postproduction workshop for a radio documentary about queer issues by young poeple | The Loft Youth Venue Newcastle (AU) // Aug - Oct 07
2006 Building micro radio transmitters eGraffiti - 2 workshops for the circuit bending section | Electrofringe/This is Not Art - Festival Newcastle (AU) // Oct 06
2006 Radiophonic Workshop - workshop about history of sound art, hands-on field recordings | Octapod - independent arts &

teaching + classes

2017          »Strategies of Artistic Research«, class with PhD students from the Art University Linz (AT), 03/2017
2015          »Media Art and Artistic Research«, guest lecture at the Departamento de Arte y Empresa, Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexiko, 11/2015
2013          »Arte e Enfermedades«, class with media art students (BA) from the Bauhaus University Weimar in cooperation with Abbvie
2012          »Using living organisms in Art«, guest lecture at the Art + Science departement of the University of Applied Arts Vienna
2011          »Interactive and Generative Art«, guest lecturer at the FH Hagenberg (AT), MA Digital Arts, November 2011
2010          »Text in Interactive and Generative Installations«, guest lecture for students from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2010          »Interactive and Generative Art within the Ars Electronica Archive«, guest lecture for MA students in digital arts at FH Hagenberg (AT)
2010          »Digital Arts«, guest lecture for MA students in digital arts at FH Hagenberg (AT)