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Materials + media: living fungi, sound frequencies, wood, foam, lab materials, sculptures, felt
Year: 2019-2020

Hertz + fungi mycelium => ?

This artistic research project is part of the Mind-The-Fungi project by Technical University Berlin and Art Laboratory Berlin, where I am artist-in-resident.



concept text

Currently THE BOX experiment is in process at the group of General and Molecular Microbiology of the Technical University of Berlin.

“Who  and  whatever  we are,  we  need  to  make-with—become-with,  compose-with—the  earth-bound” (Haraway, Staying with the Trouble, p. 102).
Many posthuman thinkers have called for a de-hierarchasation of species, a mind switch that asks for us humans to take on a more modest role in the world and recognize the agency and sentience of other beings around us as equally important.

In my project, I am interpreting this kinship with the non-human side of life from different angle. I wanted to create a sensorial situation for fungi that did not need to be perceivable by humans.
-> An experience just for fungi. However, my inner scientist came out and I could not stop myself from making observations and measurements – my inner artist has taken these and transformed them into an artwork.
For the experiment, I built specific sound sculptures - insulated boxes that were housing speakers and various fungi mycelia that had been collected in public walks in forests around Berlin. For several weeks, the fungi were ‘listening’ to a specific sound frequency/pulsation. I expected that this would have an effect on its growth and metabolism as sound is primordially a physical stimulation – no ears needed.

The resulting installation consists of a interactive video developed in collaboration with Sage Jenson, that simulates the fungi hyphae and via a gesture tracking sensor lets people interact with these – taking on the role of the sound frequencies and allowing movement through the network.


artist: Theresa Schubert

studio assistant: Aoibheann Brady, Simona Dossi

scientific advisors: Prof. Vera Meyer, Bertram Schmidt, Carsten Pohl

affiliated organisations: Art Laboratory Berlin: + TU Berlin:

creative coding / simulation: Sage Jenson


Futurium Berlin -- upcoming whenever the museum will open again