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MATERIAL & MEDIA: 4K video, sound

YEAR: 2018

The video displays bacterial landscapes from my microbal performances and topographies surfaces.

It is related to milieu #01.

concept text

Even the simplest question are also the most difficult when asked in front of the background of the microbiome. Not only philosophically but also biologically. The human microbiome is a perfect example of how biology and philosophy merge to existential investigations.

Who am I? Am I we?

For the performance I used my feet as a tool for imprinting and collected the spheres, rods and spirals from the surrounding outside (Umwelt) for allowing bacteria to reproduce and grow. Results were seen in the days after when bacteria started to grow and shape of feet formed in the medium.

For the video you can see camera movements over the bacterial landscape combined with footage from materials that were involved in the performance: different surfaces such as stone, gravel, asphalt, dirt and skin.


"Between Studio and Laboratory" / "Zwischen Atelier und Labor", curated by Marco Hompes

24.06. - 03.10. 2018 | Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden Germany:


Artist: Theresa Schubert

Sound: Peter Kirn