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MATERIAL & MEDIA: Agar agar, yeast, peptone, glass, human feet, microbes, voice, text

YEAR: Dec 2017

The performance consists of a short text written and recited by myself, the site-specific use of architecture in the space, the imprinting of my nude feet into a prepared LB medium, a walk around Moritzplatz with bare feet, the imprinting of these feet into the other side of the LB medium.

Will my microbiome differ from the milieu of the environment?

concept text

In a room there are not only humans present but also the millions of bacteria and other organisms populating the outside and inside of us.

I wanted to share some thoughts that have accompanied me over the last few years. Maybe they should be more correctly described as questions.

There is this frenzy about the anthropocene and the non-human centrist world view especially put forward by posthumanism, social and feminist studies and new materialism. As a form of materialism, posthuman theory questions the "exceptionalism" of the human as a transcendental category. Instead, it establishes an alliance with the immanent power of Zoé, the nonhuman side of life.

Ironically called "garbage ontologies" scholars have emphasized that matter matters and analyzed in detail everything from waste, to stone, to electricity as a meaningful partner in our assemblages of human and non-human networks.

In times of looming ecological crisis it was and is very important to stress this mind switch and alternative thinking about the world and its creatures. Questions about the materiality of life and not least the meaning of life are more relevant than ever today.

Even the simplest question are also the most difficult when asked in front of the background of the microbiome. Not only philosophically but also biologically. The human microbiome is a perfect example of how biology and philosophy merge to existential investigations.

Who am I? Am I we?

For the performance I used my feet as a tool for imprinting and collected the spheres, rods and spirals from the surrounding outside (Umwelt) for allowing bacteria to reproduce and grow. Results were seen in the days after when bacteria started to grow and shape of feet formed in the medium.


The performance took place as the part of opening of the pilote : milieu exhibition held at CLB Berlin at Aufbau Haus in December 2017. The title of the exhibition is based on the discussions about multiple environmental concepts that have been taking place since the beginning of the 20th century in various scientific disciplines. Not only in biology, sociology, and psychology but also in the field of art, decisive questions have been asked and responses generated.


pilote : milieu, CLB im Aufbau Haus Berlin // 1-22 Dec 2017


Artist: Theresa Schubert

Assistance: Tea Dezman