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"Always Dead and Alive" shown at the STARTS Residencies Days in Paris

Join me in Paris for the final presentation of my and other STARTS Residencies @ Centquatre. Link here

Performance "mEat me" @ Galerija Kapelica Ljubljana

After over 1 year of preparations, I am thrilled to present my own lab-grown meat in a performance investigating ethics of meat, the materiality of our bodies and the potentials of biotechnolocigal reconstruction.

Pre-launch “mEat me” at Freaktion bar, Galerija Kapelica Ljubljana

I'm presenting my new project in a panel about current issues regarding lab-grown meat. With Mojca Kumerdej, Dr. Ariana Barlič and Dr. Stephen Minger.


Speaking at 'Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation 2019' in a panel

"Fishbowl: Wissenschaft. Kunst. Wissenschaftskommunikation – Perspektiven einer Dreiecksbeziehung" curated by Dr. Anett Holzheid, Dec 11 in Essen. more

Participating in "Open Lab Evening" at Futurium Berlin

A discussion alongside Prof. Vera Meyer, Christian de Lutz, and Alessandro Volpato about how science and art work together. Freatures work from my TU Berlin residency 'Mind the Fungi'.