makes art that is



Join me for the opening of pilote : milieu

The group exhibition pilote : milieu is curated by Monique Wysterski at »CLB Berlin« 

Happy to be part of the "Digital Arts Lab" curated by Retune

It's a participative DIY biolab that will investigate the intersection between art, biology and technology during


round table discussion @ Nonhuman Agents in Art

I’m participating at an interdisciplinary conference Nonhuman Agents in Art at Art Laboratory Berlin in a round table discussion.


Excited to be part of "Shared Habitats" exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

group exhibition by the Bauhaus-University Weimar at the NKNU Art Center Kaohsiung supported by the Goethe-Institute


Join me for the Opening of the exhibition "Emotion + the Tech(no)body"

curated by Sally Golding as part of the Unconscious Archives Festival, Austrian Cultural Forum London