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Watch me on 3Sat Kulturzeit

talking about the meat industry, viruses and my biotech cannibalism project 'mEat me'. Link here

Read an interview about "mEat me" online

Regine Debatty interviewed me for WE MAKE MONEY NOT ART. Read here


"Always Dead and Alive" shown at the STARTS Residencies Days in Paris

Join me in Paris for the final presentation of my and other STARTS Residencies @ Centquatre. Link here

Performance "mEat me" @ Galerija Kapelica Ljubljana

After over 1 year of preparations, I am thrilled to present my own lab-grown meat in a performance investigating ethics of meat, the materiality of our bodies and the potentials of biotechnolocigal reconstruction.

Pre-launch “mEat me” at Freaktion bar, Galerija Kapelica Ljubljana

I'm presenting my new project in a panel about current issues regarding lab-grown meat. With Mojca Kumerdej, Dr. Ariana Barlič and Dr. Stephen Minger.