makes art that is



Join me for the opening of pilote : milieu

The group exhibition pilote : milieu is curated by Monique Wysterski at »CLB Berlin« 

Happy to be part of the "Digital Arts Lab" curated by Retune

It's a participative DIY biolab that will investigate the intersection between art, biology and technology during


Excited to be part of "Shared Habitats" exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

group exhibition by the Bauhaus-University Weimar at the NKNU Art Center Kaohsiung supported by the Goethe-Institute


Join me for the Opening of the exhibition "Emotion + the Tech(no)body"

curated by Sally Golding as part of the Unconscious Archives Festival, Austrian Cultural Forum London

Read this interview with me published in the recent issue of Interalia Magazine

Lula Criado and Meritxell Rosell interviewed me for their article "On Interspecies Creativity", Interalia Iss. 36/ Sep 2017