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Performance "Autophageous Self" @ Galerija Kapelica Ljubljana

After over 1 year of preparations, I am thrilled to present my own lab-grown meat in a performance investigating ethics of meat, the materiality of our bodies and the potentials of biotechnolocigal reconstruction.

Pre-launch “Autophageous Self” at Freaktion bar, Galerija Kapelica Ljubljana

I'm presenting my new project in a panel about current issues regarding lab-grown meat. With Mojca Kumerdej, Dr. Ariana Barlič and Dr. Stephen Minger.


Speaking at 'Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation 2019' in a panel

"Fishbowl: Wissenschaft. Kunst. Wissenschaftskommunikation – Perspektiven einer Dreiecksbeziehung" curated by Dr. Anett Holzheid, Dec 11 @ Congress Center Messe Essen. more

Participating in "Open Lab Evening" at Futurium Berlin

A discussion alongside Prof. Vera Meyer, Christian de Lutz, and Alessandro Volpato about how science and art work together. Freatures work from my TU Berlin residency 'Mind the Fungi'. 

'Mind the Fungi' | Walk & Talk in the Forest | Sep 28

Join me and my colleagues from TU-AMM for a performative and scientific walk through a secret forest in Brandenburg -> registrations